Ideas! – They’re no good stuck in your head… Bring them into the real world where we can discuss, evaluate and build on them, quickly.



When you need to solve problems right now – traditional sketching is your best friend. We can begin building your product immediately on paper, whiteboard, or whatever we have to hand. That’s the beauty and flexibility of sketching and anyone can join in! 

Simple CAD Models


When it comes to 3D CAD tools – we are lightening fast. When a project demands lots of similar concepts – we switch from sketching to modelling our ideas in the virtual world. To keep things moving, the models we build at this stage are simple, yet cautiously configured for editing. 

Visual Problem Solving

Why confine the fun of sketching and drawing to products alone? Dan Roam certainly doesn’t. We’d love to be part of your team for the day and help you visualise your meetings, problem solving sessions and business innovation events.  



A little further down the line, it’s only natural that you’ll want to see how your final product will really look. We will take a detailed CAD model and produce gorgeous emotive imagery of your new products – playing around with materials, colours and textures – even simple animations are possible. This can all happen, long before a physical prototype has been made. Photorealistic rendering is a form of prototyping in itself.

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