“Designing a user-configurable connected push-button for the Internet of Things.”

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In 2016, Myriad AG approached us with a design challenge for a connected push-button which could be used for “millions of different applications”. Here’s the brief:

  • A user configurable push-button IoT device
  • Communicate via USSD over GSM
  • Notify a backend system of each button press
  • Low power, Rechargeable (AA cell)
  • GPS enabled
  • Space for labelling & customisation
  • Easy to disassemble

The initial concept stage produced a number of subtly different ideas:

The final design favoured by our client incorporates the rounded edges, symmetry and high-gloss shine that Design Lab Director (and Think Refine hero) Don Norman lists as imperative if a good design is going to make you happy.

Of course this was just the first part of a multi-stage process – but we managed the complete product design and electronics engineering project (from design brief to first batch of working prototypes) in just 6 weeks. Unlike many IoT applications, our device does not rely on WiFi, 4G or even 3G. There is no set-up required, it is rechargeable, and easy to disassemble.

Find out more about the product by visiting the Press.to website – it can provide solutions to numerous challenges and is available to pre-order now. Discover more about the design process of the Press.to IoT button by visiting our Bēhance network page.

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