“We re-imagined an industrial thread cutting tool, for optimum user comfort.”

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The paper and textile craft market in the UK has a user demographic of over 90% female, aged 40-90 years. A large proportion of this user group also suffer from age-related conditions, particularly arthritis.


Traditional one-handed thread cutting scissors are developed primarily for robustness and longevity. However, the design disregards user comfort – to the extent that industrial sewing machine operators develop calluses when using them. Being manufactured entirely from high-quality steel, they represent a comparatively high-cost investment to a consumer new to the market.

Craft Snips_02

The timescales were tight on this project, and we arrived at a final concept after some speedy concept design involving several iterations of cardboard prototypes.

Craft Snips_03

We reduced costs and increased user comfort by selecting injection moulded polymers and elastomers to replace all parts except for the blades. An integrated polymer spring reduces the force required to use the tool, and soft elastomers increase user comfort during short-term usage.

Craft Snips_04

Our final design is fun, and satisfying to use… perfectly aligned with Tonic Studio’s friendly brand. Its long way from the industrial scissors they started out with.

Craft Snips_05

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