“We crafted a high-end consumer enclosure, from a basic engineering prototype.”

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Consumer 3D Printer

Layered Labs came to us with a ‘rough and ready’ working prototype for a consumer 3D printer. With little or no budget for tooling, we had to develop a sleek appearance with standard production methods.

Consumer 3D_02

We guided the client through several rounds of collaborative concept work, ultimately resulting in three separate designs taken from sketch to engineering CAD and rendering.

Consumer 3D_03

Our final design incorporates luxurious tinted plate-glass, satin anodised aluminium and brushed, laser-etched stainless steel. Together with a classy roller-hinged door, these materials all work to reinforce the ‘high-end’ nature of this product.

Consumer 3D_11

Layered Labs were delighted with their final concept, which enabled them to move swiftly to the next stage of their start-up funding. With the knowledge that no tooling costs would be needed to get the first products into the hands of real users; our client’s investors were kept happy!

Consumer 3D_12

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